RMA Warranty Terms


We provide 1 year warranty for Quality issue, Structural issue and Function issue. All those issues belong to warranty range.

No Warranty

A. Out of warranty (over 1 year), there is no warranty for those conditions: RMA anti-fake label and Date label fall off or the labels are torn deliberately.

B. We don’t provide warranty for man-made damaged, water damage, damp and self-refitted or teardown.


How To Return A Product?


Step 1. Select “My RMA” page.

Step 2. Click on “Request New RMA”.

Step 3. Fill in the product information about the order and quantity you are seeking warranty services.

Step 4. Fill in the failure symptom description.

Step 5. Fill in the additional info if you have.

Step 6. Confirm that the application contents are correct, and then click “Submit Request”.

Step 7. The system will issue an RMA number and you need to add the RMA number inside your returned package.

Step 8. Pack the product(s) with adequate protect to prevent shipping damages.

Step 9. Print Shipping document (including RMA barcode) and attach to the package.


Kindly Reminder

1. Except battery, the warranty of all products is one year. And the warranty of battery is half a year. HCQS provides customers with lifetime products services.

2. The RMA data of our clients suggests that 20% of LCD broken and flex cable broken is caused by wrong installing or careless operations.

3. The following four tips can reduce the LCD broken rate according to the analysis of LCD broken cases.

1). Before installing, test all the replacements of small parts on the board. Start installing if all parameters are ok.

2). During installing, watch your tools won't touch the backlight and LCD area. The glass material of LCD is only 0.2 MM, which could be easily damaged. (Figure 1).

3). Please choose original small parts and stop assembling immediately if the small parts don't match. Continue till you figure out the problems.

4). When installing LCD assembly, don't be violent, please press normally. Please follow the steps as shown in Figure 2 to assemble flex dock connectors.



A. Once the RMA report released, please inform us the detail solution on RMA within 1 week. We will not offer any loss if overdue and we have a right to return all the RMAs.

B.For the parts under repairing, if there is a provisional notice not to repair, we cannot guarantee to recover them to the original conditions.


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